The Purpose of the News


The role of news in society is a complex one. While at face value it simply appears to be there to inform people about current events, when you dig a little deeper, it actually plays a much more integral an important role in maintaining a stable society. Without news, people would find it substantially more difficult to make good decisions about their lives, their communities, and their governments. It provides people with the capacity to make informed decisions on issues like who to vote for and how to navigate their live successfully.

News also plays a critical role in ensuring that public institutions, such as a government, are held to account. This practice is commonly known as the ‘fourth estate’. Despite being elected representatives of the people, it is generally understood that large organizations Need to be questioned and then held to account for the actions, this is what the media does. Many actions taken by governments have been reversed due to pressure from the media and also thus from public discourse. It is important to note, however, but not all news organizations are mandated With this admirable purpose.

Many newspapers and other media outlets are affiliated to a political party. Therefore, they choose not to have a late criticize the routing government of the day even if their actions are deemed to have a negative impact on society. It is not always possible for news organizations to carry out their role as they wish. For example, organizations are governed by independent bodies which means they have to operate under strict rules.

For example, issues pertaining to national security are not allowed to be spoken about by law, even if journalists feel like the public has a right to know this information. Where news organizations are forbidden from informing the general public, Disruptive organizations such as WikiLeaks have sought to fill that gap. Despite breaking the law by releasing the information into the public domain, many people think that the ambitions of organizations such as WikiLeaks are admirable. However, with the rise of hacktivism, it seems that individuals and organizations releasing information into the public domain will continue to play a role in the future of news, even if it is not one that is legally permitted.