Electric Vehicle News Sparks Consumer Interest


Electric mobility is growing across the globe. News about changes in the burgeoning market reaches car buyers daily. News outlets produced more than 215 reports about electric vehicles (EV) in the past three months, according to Ground News. As a result, primary and secondary EV markets are exploding in growth. Electric-powered vehicles emit no toxic particles or carbon dioxide, which boosts consumer interest in shiftemobility.com EV parts and services. Serving consumers with quality and affordability, shiftemobility.com is cornering a slice of the EV market.

As most developed nations move toward the goal of carbon neutrality, each has detailed plans for switching to up to 30 % consumer electric-powered vehicle purchases. Let’s explore three reasons why news about the growing electric vehicle market is influencing consumer attitudes and the role shiftemobility.com plays in meeting consumer demand.


Driving consumer demand are a host of incentives, which governments offer to consumers and businesses buying electric vehicles. These incentives and tax breaks spark interest in the new EV market, as consumers look for ways to save money.

Buyers are also attracted to the reduced fuel expenses. With gas-powered vehicle fuel costs adding up to 75% more than electric vehicles, charging a battery saves money. As more electric vehicle charging stations pop up globally, consumer perception is shifting. Soon electric vehicle drivers will have the ability to charge anywhere, which eliminates the fear of the EV vehicle’s battery charge running down.

Since electric vehicles have less parts than traditional automobiles, maintenance is cheaper. Some of the most expensive combustion-engine parts are not a part of the EV engine. Instead, a new generation of parts manufacturers, like shiftemobility.com are developing and distributing EV-specific parts and batteries. As more car makers switch to manufacturing electric vehicles, ownership is expected to increase when costs decline. Experts project the average cost of purchasing an electric vehicle is expected to reach $16,000 by 2030.


With nations facing the challenges of climate change, many set aggressive targets to protect the environment. More than 90% of carbon emissions come from gas-powered vehicles. Since electric-powered vehicles release no CO-2, the vehicles have less impact on the environment. According to studies, gas-powered combustion engines pollute the atmosphere extensively.

Scientists continue to warn about the devastating impact of CO-2 emissions, resulting in severe weather events, global food shortages, and mass deaths. As news outlets continue to explore the impact of CO-2 on the environment, more buyers are opting for sustainable mobility. EV businesses, like shiftemobility.com, are responding to the demand by developing parts to support electric vehicles, including trucks, motorcycles, and buses.


Electric vehicles certainly produce less noise than the gas-powered counterparts. An electric motor is silent, making for a quieter drive. As generations switch to electric-powered vehicles, experts predict the roads will have less sound from combustion engines. As EV vehicles continue to increase market share, the battery-powered autos will produce silent and pleasant driving experiences.