Internet and the News


The Internet has radically changed the news in many ways. First of all, there is the matter of news consumption. Many billions of people now access to news on their phones meaning that they can receive updates in real time. In terms of new production, the Internet has made the interest-rate much more complicated, particularly when it comes to self-publication.

There is a great debate about the role of social media platforms. The main question which arises is are social media platforms responsible for the content published or should that fall to the person producing the content. The Internet and cell publication house cleaning had some benefits.

For example, the Arab Spring was highly influenced by connectivity by and social platforms. On the other hand, fake news is also proliferated on the internet which ultimately has an incredibly damaging effect on society. What is clear is that the Internet is not going away and governments need to decide how to legislate effectively. The problem is further compounded by the matter of free speech and the question when does free speech became a crime which should be prosecuted by the state.