Wikileaks and the News


WikiLeaks is a nonprofit organization which seeks to publish news which is often classified and therefore outside to be made of traditional media outlets. The Australian Julian Assange Is credited as the founder of WikiLeaks and he’s also organization’s director.

WikiLeaks has released a multitude of documents which include information from the Afghan war diary, the Iraq logs, and also information regarding offshore accounts of the wealthy which have been dubbed the Panama papers. Many of the practices which WikiLeaks engages in our classified as illegal. However, many people think that what they do is a noble act and bear for should not be prosecuted as a public have a right to know. Chelsea Manning, then known as Bradley, was prosecuted for releasing documents to WikiLeaks. However, she was pardoned as one of President Obama’s last acts in office in early 2017.

Edward Snowdon, who is currently in exile in Russia, is another notable figure who have released classified information into the public domain. The document released by Snowden, who only had low-level security access showed that extensive degree on which the US spies on its citizen’s allies, despite being against the constitution.