What is Photojournalism?


Photojournalism is a form of the industry which focuses on telling the story over narrative through visual images. Just like with other types of journalism, photojournalism is subject to a stringent range of practices which made it has to be fair and representative of the events which it is covering.

Photojournalism was born out of the practice of war photography. The expansion of the printing press meant there was a much greater desire for images within the public domain, thanks for photojournalism became a huge industry in its own right. In the 1970s That was a clear decline in photojournalism after many of the magazines which used to carry the images ceased publication. However, access to images through the Internet has seen an increase in the gifts of the practiced once again and it is now considered a very worthy form of journalism.

Many people working in the industry have gone on to achieve great success with the Pulitzer Prize even recognizing their work. Photojournalists have an ethical responsibility to represent the situation and not to interfere. Many have spoken of the difficulties in seeming like a voyeur to a situation and taking photos instead of assisting those in need.