Types of News Media


News media generally refers to a group or a company that communicates news and information to people through various platforms. News media has evolved thanks to technology, which has made it easy for media companies to relay information to individuals as events happen. Here we shall focus on the various types of news media.

Print Media

Print media is one of the oldest platforms used to relay information to people. Print media includes newspapers, newsletters, journals, and magazines, among others. Although print media’s readership is declining, many individuals still read a newspaper or magazine regularly.

The Internet

The internet has transformed the media industry, with most people getting their news and entertainment online. With sites such as royalty free music’s definition, individuals can listen to their favorite music hassle-free and also get to follow the daily happenings on their phones and other mobile devices.

Broadcast Media

Broadcast media includes news that is broadcast through television and radio. Television news is an essential source of information on the current happenings, especially in America and other developed countries worldwide. Before the advent of television in the 1950s, most people relied on the radio as their primary news source, which has changed in the recent past.