The Future of News


It is difficult to predict where news will take us in the future. Many predict that the rate of news will level off, as it seems that we have already reached maximum speeds of reporting and consumption. It is more likely that the industry of news production will change. Newspapers are a declining industry, mainly due to the cost of production and the accessibility of the internet. As more and more large-scale operations cease to exist, websites will take their place instead. However, these are regulated far less and the once esteemed profession may be brought into disrepute.

It’s not all bad news. The explosion of citizen journalism has brought about more transparency and we are now able to hear from people on the ground, rather than through a third party as has traditionally been the case.

Artifical intelligence is set to play a role in the future of news production. Programs are already under to see if AI can produce accurate and interesting articles without human input. Technology, therefore, is likely to be the main disruptor in the future of news. No matter what happens, you can be sure it will be well reported by either a human or a robot.