News and Politics


One of the primary focuses of most media organization is politics. They cover both international and domestic affairs and are highly influential in determining the outcome of a government success.

One of the main purposes of news in the reporting of politics is to make it accessible to the general public. Politics can be an incredibly complicated and time-consuming process of the role of the news is to make it understandable and I just evolved so people can understand what is going on. There are also news programs which focused on political analysis which came to give a more detailed and comprehensive insight into the political system.

While many news outlets to aim to be impartial it is very difficult to cover the hugely comprehensive workload of all the different parties and so bias can still remain. Some organizations are outlet supportive of one particular political party. In the United States, for example, fox news is well known as an ardent supporter of president Donald Trump.

In the United Kingdom, the Sun newspaper is well known for switching which party it supports and is known for its influence that it has on the public. The relationship between media organizations and politicians is one which is been called into question many times. People often say that politicians who have close relationships with the owners of media establishments guild too much power as they can determine public support through that personal friendships. Media ownership is another problem pertaining to politics. Individuals such as Rupert Murdoch who own many large news organizations across the world are deemed to have too much power as they can influence the editorial view of the publications and broadcasters.